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Currently we have the accreditation,

Currently we have the accreditation,So we’re working with gets worse-but if it is the situation, then we will have to once again broadcast in the underground,” concludes the supervisor of the radio Dmitry Novikov. It is not only regarding pure as well as undisguised publicity, however additionally about the media that nekomentované Putinovské vision of the globe offer between common intelligence lyrics the database will remain to expand. In more information we present also the most striking personalities of the application of Russian influence in the Czech media space operates czech Free Press czech independent news the Slogan of the web server independent news on the Czech internet!.

Ecology, national politics, society, society what he writes this Is a site including a mix of blogs, remarks as well as posts created by such news messages. You can check out Babišově plan to send to the election a jockey Vanya, in addition to of overpriced prices of medications. Yet what dominates, the short articles are routed versus muslims as well as evacuees, the lyrics, in which western federal governments depicted as dumb and also unskilled and also a number of texts supporting the Russian point of view reporting to freely pass through, for instance, videokomentáře an elderly Russian expert valery Viktoroviče Pjakina.

It is intriguing as the interpreter

It is intriguing as the interpreterThe crisis in Ukraine, his comments began to appear with the autumn 2013 as well as in a huge degree in 2014 earlier about it even in cyrillic you won’t discover numerous states, just in connection with political activities in the Altai on the Czech Free Press is Pjakin last shares the misfortune of the Russian airplane in Egypt. Solutions the concern, what are viewing the western media, saying that on purpose erased the news regarding the terrorist strike any kind of details planned for circulation to the media adheres to a specific objective. In the offered situation it is needed to move the trace and also every little thing condemn it on a kind of worldwide terrorism subsequently recalled that Russia launched procedures in Syria.

Which was against the strategies of the american supremacy and also primarily from the loss of the aircraft accuses the White house. In an additional message on the CFP, with the headline Crimea as a lie detector, once again, you can review what complies with the America that, when trying to disobedient Russia, which the international hegemony of the united states to continue does not mean to, come down on his knees who under the task of Czech Free Press has actually joined as the author and also editorial director Miroslav Suja in among his editorialů composes that he is all about diversity of sights, which else is not present.

There’s a number of interesting sites

There's a number of interesting sitesThat give independent info, but once more, more or less careful fashion it is such as a Peeping tom Vladimir Stwory or FreeGlobe and also other blog sites, an impressive reporter And also. B. Bartoš, records in the very first 2 situations once again to the website offering Russian propaganda can not be traced, what is project funded. Allow’s picture such a situation. Our reporters would be entrusted to do my work to the eruptive caucasus region, as an example to the boundary region such Georgia.

There is however ambushed Russian soldiers, by force required to Russia, and also along the road would be a couple of witnesses got a collection of bullets at close quarters in the head. In Russia would certainly the abductors with the violation of all the principles as well as legal rights of civilized individuals even when what you actually expect from wrongdoers in jail, a couple of their associates would batter and just after much less worldwide závaru is burglarized were exiled from the country.

Words of the supervisor confirmed by the speaker,

To provide independent news

From Belarus is essentially impossible from the April assassination in minsky, the train furthermore, the government’s approach to the media still tightened up. Reporters are typically arrested and sent to prison the only way, therefore, to give major information, is transmitted from abroad.

To provide independent news

In Warsaw, for that reason, already six years functions the belarusian Eurorádio, which he listens to over 400 thousand people. Tiny very discreet suite on the borders of Warsaw with the number 44a. No engraving or noting few individuals recognize that right away sends out one of the leading resistance belarusian radio terminals eurorádio. All the editors we have in Belarus, so the e-newsletters as well as reporters. It’s ten accredited journalists that are working with current things. From Warsaw after that we transmit as well as produce the entire program, describes the supervisor Eurorádia Dmitry Novikov.

Tale Close-Up Of Catherine The Walking his radio is based in Poland because 2005, does not have a certificate to broadcast from the undemocratic Belarus. In Belarus we have experienced a number of strikes, the secret solution, they took control of the technique and also an archived products. We still don’t recognize what took place to them, includes the supervisor. We can go in a number of words concerning the head of state in jail. Just a little. I understand that they are seeing us, my household, my mom, phoning us. I however I stand by what I state. Many people scare, me but not, you think among the young editors Dário Romansova, that for the security of the made use of surname Dasha Forman.

Along with the various other moderators

We do not require revolutionaries, however journalists that can function during the program will not be influenced by him at that moment a person behind bars being hurt before the microphone have to editor keep calm and fairly regarding an offered scenario to inform yet it’s not simple, states Novikov.

Along with the various other moderators

Hana it’s a tough, emotionally difficult work we commonly inform you about unpleasant things as well as it’s hard to talk smoothly, composedly help even the Czechs Eurorádio programs primarily for the fifteen to pětatřicetileté the audience, concentrates on contemporary music as well as amusement shows. What is most important is that it brings independent information access to information in Belarus is restricted news about the economic climate or healthcare get media modified from the authorities who work for the federal government, explains the supervisor.

Along with the plan sends a radio and restricted songs, which produces one of the music editors of the terminal Slava Koran in Belarus officially rock music there is. We yet we play, due to the fact that there us no person does not restrict, he says order of the belarusian radio job, he helps him indirectly, as well as each of the Czechs, as confirmed by the station manager we still have the giver, and among them additionally the Czech republic. Supporting us for a number of years from Warsaw will be Eurorádio program as long as the Belarusians guideline of head of state Alexander Lukashenko with the government to collaborate we will never be this is for us undesirable.